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Handphone User Survey & Data

An Informative look to handphone usage..

A survey was conducted to research handphone data statistics amongst handphone users, namely the NUS population in general. The surveys aims to seek out the main uses of handphones and the amount of time devoted to phone usage. The survey was conducted over 80 students in NUS, from the faculties named below :
  • Faculty Of Arts & Social Sciences
  • Faculty Of Science
  • Faculty Of Engineering

The data tabulated are hence shown in the charts below :

  1. Pie Chart 1 - This illustrates the different usage of handphones. It must be noted that majority of the population surveyed uses their handphones for communicative purposes. Another minority uses their handphones as personal organizers. This may be due to the fact that handphones that serve dual roles, both a organizer and a handphone, are widely available on the market. However, the astonishing fact is that there is actually a minority that actually uses the phone as a gaming device. Another fact that we must consider is the rising quantity of individuals using Short Message Service (SMS) as a form of communication. Therefore,  45% of users surveyed, use SMS in their handphones as the sole form of communication.

2.  Bar Chart : From the bar chart, we can conclude that majority of the surveyed population spend more than 2hours on the phone daily. This is indeed a great number, compared to other Developing Nations and this number is set to increase.