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Mobile Phones

Dream Phones..
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Dream Phones..
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Letting imaginations run wild..


Ask anyone on the streets how they want their dream phone to be like and you would most probably get the same few answers. Hence, the points covered below aims to illustrate the characteristics of dream phones of Singaporeans :
  1. Lightweight
  2. Waterproof ( For rainy Singapore ! )
  3. WAP / GPRS Compatible
  4. Ability to play Mp3s.. ( Dual Roles )
  5. Audio & Video Entertainment
  6. Compactness
  7. Portability
  8. Interactivity

According to, research have been done and the following information have been found :
  • Of Singapore's mobile phone users, 31 per cent are fashion and technology enthusiasts who focus on design; 26 per cent are trend adopters interested in technology-oriented functions, 24 per cent are business users while usage-oriented, price-driven consumers make up 19 per cent.

  • Consumers are less excited about feature upgrades but are wowed by technological innovations such as noise cancellation and voice clarity, and new form factors like slide-phones.

  • Singaporean's dream mobile phone is likely to be a compact with megapixel camera, video phone, high-resolution display and having home appliances-convergence ability.
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